Dazzling Motion Graphics

Have you even been astonished by the opening title of a movie or video game?

Have you even been attracted to the visual effects in commercial or the story told in Music Video accompanied with the audio?

The secrets behind these dazzling and eyes-catching films are Motion Graphics.

What is Motion Graphics?

There are two kinds of amines, and one is Animation, stemmed from movies or documentations. Such motion graphics are directly sold as products and this kind of film was called animation movie. The famous [Monster Inc.] or [Cars] are the examples. 

The other is Motion Graphics, according to Wikipedia.org, Motions Graphics are graphics that use video and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or a transforming appearance. Put it in short, Motion Graphics are the mobilization of the graphic designs. Each frame needs to be in line with the basic element of graphic design, and further create the sense of motion by adding the concept of time. Sometimes, the interactive technology is used to reach the multiple expression forms. It is similar with the Graphic Design, which is a tool of transmission and communication but way more intense. 

Motion Graphics in our daily life

The most frequently seen Motion Graphics are commercials, movies, music videos, websites, interfaces, and channel programs. Western countries like the U.S. adequately use Motion Graphics on the image production of commercials and TV stations. Recently, the creative expression of intensive visual transmission and short producing time – Motion Graphics have changed the dynamic of commercials in the U.S. that small design companies can now advertise for grand industries with unique ideas and aesthetics. 

We can see these awesome Motion Graphics in movies, TV, games, and websites. From the starting title to transferring parts, the Motion Graphics are everywhere. The visual-related media therefore elaborate their functions of message delivery, marketing, and entertaining. Basically, as long as there is screen, there are Motion Graphics. Furthermore, the range of Motion Graphics is wide now, that including VFX, Stop Motion, 3D animations and etc. Such mass application is leading the trend of Motion Graphics and its business opportunity bringing great potentials to this emerging industry.

The combination of UI and Motion Graphics

The application of Motion Graphics on UI is quite common, with the development of innovative UI such as touch screen and interactive games, as the medium that communicate human and electric devices, UI will gain its importance in the future. The application of Motion Graphics on UI can not only bring the visual effects but also work as a communication tool. The Motion Graphics is used to demonstrate from the menu, button, dialogue frame, 2D graphics, and more and more frequent 3D effects on UI.

Currently, UI uses Motion Graphics to create motion effects and visions to attract the users. New interactive model is also invented to bring pleasure experiences for users as well as develop new application market which is the new trend for interactive devices. In particularly, the current trend of IT industry has already replaced static UI with motion UI. In the future, the input devices such as mouse and keyboard may possibly being replaced by language, gestures, and motions and then the combination of UI and Motion Graphics will work innovatively, multiply, and interactively – just as the movie, [Minority Report].

The future of Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are not simple at all and there are many Know Hows within. From the music, tunes, lightening, stunts, actual shooting, to virtual scenes, the more media used, the higher technology demanded. Movies, TV, computers, and portable devices are the application media of Motion Graphics and there will be growing content demands in the future. Hence, the UIs on the platforms of smart phone, tablet PC, e-book, and interactive games are now combined with Motion Graphics which are essential design models. These interactive UIs provide a richer, more diverse, and entertaining user experience as well as the innovative interactive pattern and application trend so that these products are becoming more general and would have influences on our lives on the go. Therefore, no matter whether on the product marketing, icon building, mass entertainment, or business presentation, the Motion Graphics will definitely be the essential technology in every domain and become one of the most important industries in the close future.

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Gamania UDC/ Jason Hsieh
The User-Centered Design is applied on executing and improving each project by the group to promote and provide the best user experiences on the self-made products by Gamania.

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