HongKong 2011 Spring Banquet

GHK’s annual spring banquet has come to an end. This year’s Spring Banquet got pump up through the roof, because not only did everyone enjoy a prize of their own but the management dressed up and danced and sang for the staff!

Opening Address

Before the dinner began, we were honored to invite many senior management to give opening speeches. Albert said that GHK has achieved impressive result in the past year, it was an exhilarating news for everyone! Albert then gave a toast along with GHK-COO, Yaling and GUS-COO, David and announced the beginning of Spring Banquet. 

International Talent Show  

The theme for this year’s GHK Spring Banquet was “International Talent Show Night”. There goes without saying ,many outstanding shows came up one after another on the night of the event! Under the “nudge” and “encouragement” from GHK-COO, Yaling, heads of each department put away their self-esteem, and sold their body and soul out, performing three dance numbers in a roll for those subordinates. 

The songs chosen to be performed were the “it” song, Bi Bi Bi (well-known in Hong Kong as well as Taiwan), the adapted Du Du Du. In addition, the male supervisors dressed up in short skirts and tank tops danced with no reservation—even though their bras slipped off, and panties showing—they did not flinch, winning roaring round of applause. 

Welcome!Firedog! Welcome!

In addition to the heads of respective departments, members of Firedog also participated in the dances. After the performance, they even arranged a humorous self-introduction with the name of “Firedog Battalion”, hoping to launch more quality products to the market. 

Everyone Wins a Prize Draw

After the eye-opening performances, came the feast time. This year’s menu includes roast suckling pig, steamed grouper and popular Chinese casserole dish, Fo-Tiao-Qiang. 

While everyone was glutting away delicious dishes, another activity was introduced on stage, you guess it! It’s the lucky draw! GHK came up with 150 prizes so it was guarantee that everyone will come home with a prize. Some of the lucky ones could even get a 2nd bonus prize! 

During the process of lucky draw, you could see some staff lowering their heads, praying not to win the small prizes. And when the ultimate grand prize was to be drawn, everyone was cheering, yelling their own names! Even after the final prize was drawn, colleagues cried out and demanded for more, resulting in a chaotic mess of excitement. 

After witnessing and feeling such heightened emotion at the scene, Albert and David decided to donate thousands of dollars in cash for the bonus round, catalyzing the event to the climax. The lucky staff of this year’s bonus grand prize, NT20,000 was Marco, who of course couldn’t escape from the tradition of drinking the “lucky shot”. 


This year GHK provided every table with unlimited red wine so everyone was having a field day drinking. However, some staff couldn’t hold the alcohol and passed out one after another and G!Voice couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap some great shots (snicker). 

Perfect Closure 

GHK staff fought for their benefit and requested for “Half Day Off” the next day from Albert. Under GHK colleagues’ strong campaigning, the application was approved on the spot! With this marked the perfect closure for GHK’s 2011 Spring Banquet. Now it’s time to work hard towards the goal! 

The Cantonese version of “Bi Bi Bi” song
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