All You Can East Ice Cream: Cool and Chill GJP Birthday Celebration!

All You Can East Ice Cream: Cool and Chill GJP Birthday Celebration! 

Whenever there’s a birthday goes around in Gamania, Gamanians get to play as much as they want and eat to their hearts’ content! The birthday guy/gal could collect birthday vouchers, or take birthday leaves. For other bystanders in the office, they get to TP their colleague’s office or cream the birthday person etc. Birthday events are important dates in Gamania, colleagues could seek ‘revenge’ at this time (jk) and it’s a healthy outlet for Gamanians to let it all out and be merry! (lol)

GJP held a celebration at the end of May for some 25 birthday guys/gals who were born in April, May and June. Each birthday person was given an exquisite little cake and 3000 Yen worth of gift vouchers. For the purpose of staying cool in the gruesome summer heat, GJP decided to give away free ice cream for all on the day of celebration! In addition, there were also cookies and light snacks. Our colleagues in GJP had a cooling and awesome birthday event on that day! 

▲GJP’s ice cream fridge 

    ▲The lovely frog serves as a piggy bank. GJPcolleagues must insert coins in the frog’s mouth after taking an ice cream out from the fridge. 

▲Wow, a fridge full of ice creams! On the day of GJP birthday celebration, ice cream is free for all you can eat!  

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