Feature Report on Gama-Cup in Window on China Theme Park Gama-Cup 2011, Fight for Glory!

The 16th Gama-Cup was held in Window of China theme park (WOC) in Taiwan 2011. The weather did not complement the event as it started pouring, however, these rain drops didn’t quench the fire in every Gamanian’s heart but made it burn even more fervently!

Before stepping in to the event, you could clearly notice the tiny buildings and architecture around you. In an instant, we all became giants. We felt like giants walking in the miniature city in the rain which was kind of special. Then we reached the train station. You must take the special MOC train to get in the park and the train is of course characteristically smaller. 

▲The architectures in MOC were small but very meticulous.。

▲The train arrives at the station, passengers please step behind the yellow line. 

Due to the pouring rain, the sports event had to be relocated indoor. Under Albert’s moral boost speech, every team brought out their best in team cheering performance! The rain didn’t make a slightest damp on everyone’s enthusiasm. Each team was giving their best shot and shout, cheering every so loud to show how proud they are to be in the team. Such vigorous performance also brought surges of laughter into the room which brightened the atmosphere.  

▲The pouring rain couldn’t quench the passion in Gamanians. Let’s smile and march forward!

▲Hehehe, the glory will be ours today. 

▲Love Gama-Destiny was “destined” to win the cheering champion!

▲Dynamic and animated Afro Head and little ducklings won a house of applause. 

▲The physical work was too strenuous that the guy’s ears turned red. Note to the one on the top: you seemed to enjoy this a little too much. 

▲Gamanians funny and awesome team cheering performances made the judges laughed out loud! 

Among all the other games and activities in the afternoon, two larger activities, The Invincible Wind-Fire Wheel and Fun Game Competition stood out. Gamanians fought for their rightful glory in the pouring rain. They were swift and canny even with the raincoats on and they gave their best to win the best! After many torments…no, battles (lol), the event finally came to a perfect closure. Gama-Cup, see you next year! 

▲The Invincible Wind-Fire Wheel will take good team work to run fast. 

▲Don’t drop that little ball. 

▲Dude in the back, where’re your shoes? 

▲Dear basketball, wait for me! 

▲Are you trying to pick up an egg with chopsticks? 

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