A Brand Name that Changes with the Manufacturing Date Proves It’s the Freshest Orange Juice Brand!

Most people drink freshly squeezed juice for health, energy, and vitamin-C. Therefore, being fresh, freshly-squeezed, and 100% are usually the criteria for choosing an orange juice.

But, if not witnessed personally, how could you ever be sure those stated 100% freshly squeezed pure juice, sold in juice stands or general stores, are really as advertised? Who knows what adulterated products are they really selling?

Every Orange Juice Brand Claim Themselves to Be the Freshest, But How Do You Tell?

According to statistics, 550 million liters of orange are sold daily, and half of them are concentrated in EU. Situated in such a fierce competitive environment, no matter how well the ads are written, or how attractive the promotional price is, the only thing for certain is: only the “real freshly squeezed” orange juice is the key to domination.

However, without a little show-and-tell of “squeeze upon ordering”, how does a package of orange juice convince you that it is indeed, fresh?

Intermarch, the 3rd largest chain supermarket in France, made an observation in consumer behavior, and rolled out with a brand that changes with time never before seen, out of the blue.

Intermarche goes straight to the point, instead of giving the brand of an attractive name to make-believe it’s fresh, it just labeled the manufacturing date directly on the bottle. The brand of every orange juice is the moment it was squeezed. This is a very direct and simple way to tell the consumers exactly how fresh the juice is.

Freshness in Exact Minutes

Take “8:36” orange juice as an example, it’s a no brainer that this bottle of orange juice was made at 8:36 in Intermarche, packaged, and put on the shelf. Also, the amount of orange juice produced corresponds to the demands at different time of the day, to avoid them being wasted, while ensuring freshness and quality.

▲All procedures are done inside Intermarche, ensuring quality and freshness in orange juices.

▲The large orange juice billboard beside the shelves is guaranteed to catch your attention!

Normally, products being promoted as pure 100% juice have price tags high enough to scare away people. Companies also learned this consumer habit of judging quality from pricing and play on the stereotypical mindset of “I’m really fresh. Why else would I be this pricey?” and rip you off!

Whereas, this manufacturing date-branded orange juice has a really affordable price of EUR$1.5 (TWD$53). 

▲Every packaging has a little story emphasizing the manufacturing date of the orange juice, telling you it is fresh from the beginning.

Intermarche only changed the packaging design to enable the consumers to see the freshness of the orange juice in one glimpse, solving the problem of identifying the freshness of the juice. The affordable price, also definitely aided in its sales.

When other packaged juice brands used manufacturing dates only to declare its freshness, Intermarche used every minute to advocate its “freshness”. As a consumer, which would you choose?  

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