What do you know about your readers? Unveiling the Secrets of Blog Reader Behaviors – Foodies

PIXNET UX Lab had previously shared some insight regarding “Beauty Readers” and “Travel Readers”. This issue, we will talk about the last part of reader experience that everyone has had before: looking up restaurants and food online. What really goes on in the foodie reader’s mind when they are searching for food online and ultimately makes a decision? We will unlock the secrets of a foodie reader in this issue of UX Experience!

▲ “Location + type of cuisine” search behavior of a foodie

The responders have two types of restaurant search methods. One is to run a general search using “location + type of cuisine”, such as: “Taipei Train Station + Spicy hot pot” or “Tainan + Japanese food”. The other is to directly enter the restaurant name when the reader already knows what to eat, such as a search for “Xiao Liu Eatery”. Therefore, putting the restaurant name, location, and type of cuisine into the title of your article, will help readers determine your article’s content.

▲ Enter location + type of cuisine / restaurant name

It doesn’t matter who wrote it, only when it was written!

We discovered an interesting issue during our interviews. Some interviewees would look for interesting food articles and filter the search for articles written within a year. We ask the interviewees why they add a filter on time, they responded that a newer article possible is better, because it will more closely describe their future experience.

No menu? No way! The essential photo in a restaurant article

Reader behavior results show that in comparison with “travel readers” who enjoy photo and writing equally, and “beauty readers” who focus on the writing, “foodie readers” pay less attention to the writings, but care more about the photos, which show the “dining environment” and “tasty food”.

▲ Dining environment

▲ Tasty food

Furthermore, these interviewees indicated that they care especially about a photo of the menu in the article. A menu would help them understand the price range and food options. Without a menu, there’s no way to evaluate and determine if the reader would want to visit a restaurant. It shows that a photo of the menu is extremely important to readers.

That concludes UX Lab’s survey on foodie readers. We hope we can provide insight to this group of gourmet-loving readers.

Source: PIXNET UX Lab, What do you know about your readers? Unveiling the Secrets of Blog Reader Behaviors – Cuisine
PIXNET UX Lab team contributes UX related information to the community and promotes UX development in Taiwan by providing opinions and reports regarding user experience research and designs.

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