Burn! The Universe of GHK Spring Banquet

After a long, hardworking year, GHK held an awesome annual Spring Banquet on March 8th, 2013. The 6 brave fighters showed great courage facing terrible monsters. They went all the way to Miramar Shopping Centre to fulfill their promise of protecting earth. 

▲The Red Fighter: Leave the Earth’s Happiness to me!  

Change and Innovation! Challenging the Theatre

This year’s spring banquet was a special one. Besides the dance performances, we were introduced to “The Orange Fighters: GAMA6”!

A nod to the greatly appreciated Taiwan film “Machi Action”, this year a short performance based on the idea of the “superhero” was presented. Its independent-film-like setting created the perfect atmosphere to start the night. The highest moments came when the dance shows began, one after another, to get the party going!

▲The smoke effect takes the show up a notch.   

The Orange Fighters – GAMA6!

“The Orange Fighters -GAMA6 ” portrays a story about the gamanians discovering a group of fun-hating monsters in the company. Just when no one knows what to do, they receive a mysterious text message that transforms them into guardians of happiness and laughter. They are:F. A. M. I. L. Y,  six protectors known as the “Orange Fighters”, with powers to take down the alien monsters!

Although there was a momentary technical glitch during the GAMA 6 performance, it didn’t ruin the moment for the participants. Thanks to the intense rehearsing they underwent, the actors held it together like true professionals!

▲The Orange Fighters: GAMA posing together!  

Blonde hunks swaying to the music!

The biker jackets with simple white Ts became a great contrast to their colorful track pants. Each dancer had their own groove going on!

After an exciting superhero act, the dancers started to rock n’ roll. Two super buff blondies gave everything they’ve got to make the ladies go wild!

▲Everybody was moving to the music!      

Doubling up Prizes! Plane tickets, cash: All you can get

As before, after some visual entertainment and satisfying the taste buds, the time came to start the lottery! The 2013 Spring Banquet has more surprises in store for its members! This year was the first time winner could chose to forfeit current prizes to have a go for the bigger ones coming later in the night. GHK Chief Operation Director, Yaling, decided to sort the bonus prizes into various amounts for gamanians to “try their luck again”.

▲Gamanians that won the lowest lottery amount all forfeited their wins for a shot at the top prize!  

Also, in addition to the abundance of 3C products that were given out, all eyes were on the top prize, a round trip for two to Tokyo, and the 2nd prize, a same package to Seoul. Better yet, the winners get free paid leaves for this trip! Everyone went out of control the minute the news was announced. 

▲Wow! Everyone overwhelmed by the prizes!  

Albert immediately announced to raise the bonus when he noticed the gamanians’ hopeful faces. The crowd went wild! 

▲Albert gladly announced to give out additional bonuses!  

The Fashion Showdown

This year, each department was assigned a different color theme that represented the FAMILY spirit: “Fun”, “Adventure”, “Mind”, “Inspiration”, “Laurel” and “Youth”. Many departments also came up with cool dress codes to spice up the event!

▲GHK I. T wore energetic, matching track suits! 

▲GHK DS showed up as a bunch of sassy lions! 

▲GHK GDM had on super cool red jackets. But… did you notice? 00 and 01 means…? (And they are all guys, for that matter)

▲GHK PLS dress code was blue, and they were the most spirited team that night!

▲GHK C. S are also dressed in red… With a special guest: Captain America! ?

▲A showdown of costumes!   

Other features 

▲Preparing the revenue and stage

▲2013 Spring Banquet’s souvenir is the “Spirit Fortune Cookie” that holds words of encouragement inside! 

▲I am still savoring over the delicious food from that night!

▲The Orange Fighters with performers

▲Winners of the top prizes, beware! We will have you treat us for a whole week! 

▲Congrats to friends that won the lottery! 

▲The adorable dino, lion, and a…        

GHK Fun Promotion Team: Lawrence Kwan, Sam Yau  
Source :
GHK Fun Promotion Team: Hei Wong, Mike Law, Mi Yeung, Leio Fan  

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