2015 Marks a New Beginning as Code: EPISODE2 Unfolds in Phantasy Star Online 2

The popular sci-fi blockbuster Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) developed by SEGA Japan and distributed by Gamania has officially launched a new storyline, Code: Episode 2. Players will visit the new coast region of the water planet Uopal where various large oceanid D-arkers like Bal Rodos and Orgbran hide amongst the beach resort-like scenery. ARKS explorders and the D-arkers will surely engage in some challenging battles! In addition, players can enjoy the much anticipated braver class and duman race during their brilliant new adventures. The New Year’s Luck Festival marks the beginning of 2015. ARKS explorers can change into costumes such as the female purification ritual costume and Meldiwood collection to ensure good luck all year long.

▲A new chapter unfolds in Phantasy Star Online 2, Code: EPISODE2

New challenges! Adventures on Uopal, the water planet, as new oceanid D-Arkers attack

The update that Phantasy Star Online 2 players have been waiting for, Code: Episode 2, is finally here! The story consists of a series of adventures divided into two chapters. The first chapter, Unknown Journey Guided by Consciousness officially enters an incredible planet veiled by a membrane of water in the universe, the water planet Uopal. Working hard to become Zeno’s replacement, Echo encounters a native of planet Uopal, Cabrakan. Kindhearted Echo decides to help Cabrakan find someone. During their journey to find who Cabrakan is looking for, the player will battle terrifying oceanid D-arkers on Uopal. In addition to this, flowers will emit toxic gas during daybreak and dusk, while enemies become enraged at nighttime. Unexpected crises may emerge at each time period throughout the day, as the offensive traits of opponents change with the time of day.

In chapter 2, Past and Future, a new character Shaow will “alter history consciously”. Rumor has it that a large number of D-arkers are hidden deep within the Dragon Altar. However, friction with dragonkin elder Rokamiz terminates communications, turning the dragonkin in this region uncontrollable and aggressive. Some say the volume of D-arkers deep in the Dragon Altar have influenced the dragonkin, making them violent, but contact with dragonkin elder Rokamiz has ceased.

▲An incredible planet veiled by a layer of water in the universe: Uopal, the water planet

▲The new coastal region may appear as comfortable as a resort, yet it holds many hidden dangers

A variety of brand new, powerful enemies has emerged in the new coastal region. Bal Rodos is a giant oceanid. The bubbles it shoots from its enormous body track the enemy like guided missiles, which are challenging for players to avoid. Orgbran is a large oceanid with a resilient body. Not only does it attack with its sharp claws, it also launches surprise attacks from underground. In addition, a third type of D-Arker will now appear in the game. In addition to the insect like D-arkers and water based D-arkers of the past, D-arkers with birdlike wings are now here. Players must pay attention at all times in order to survive!

▲Bal Rodos freely navigates giant whirlpools and shoots bubbles in the water which track enemies like guided missiles

▲Not only does the Orgbran attack with its claws, it launches powerful surprise attacks from underground

▲The third type of D-Arker has now appeared in the game, bird darkers known for their intelligence

A new beginning! Grand launch of new braver class and new duman race

This Phantasy Star Online 2 update makes the new Braver class and duman race available to Arks during their adventures. Bravers will be a class that can wield a new melee weapon, the katana, and a new ranged weapon, the bullet bow. Skills will be divided into two categories. The first category targets new players and can be activated after they are learned, while the other category targets expert players as these skills are activated after meeting certain conditions. Players can choose freely from these skills according to level of experience or fighting style.

▲The quick, lightweight katana combined with the sweeping asagiri-rendan attack creates a defensive yet rapid attack style

▲The bullet bow charges up with power through attacks, gathering enemies in one place and defeating them all with the torrential arrow attack in the end

Dumans will be the fourth race, with unique horn(s) on their foreheads and different colored pupils. Their offensive stats grow at a high rate, the quickest of all races. As their R-ATK value is also very high, they can switch between both ranged and melee attacks with ease! The color of each iris and horn shape, as well as other options is selected during character creation. Dumans also have skin tones that differ from humans and newmans, so players can consider selecting red or green-based tones for skin color.

▲Not only do dumans possess distinctive horns on their forehead and mismatched eye colors, their ATK stat grows at the highest rate of all races

Greet the New Year by changing into the female purification ritual costume or Meldiwood costume for good luck during the New Year’s Luck Festival

The New Year’s Luck Festival marks the celebration of Phantasy Star Online 2’s new Code: Episode 2 update, as well as the arrival of 2015. Players will be able to adorn themselves with new costumes and hats. A multitude of luxurious items with a New Year’s flair will be made available to players, including the female purification ritual costume and Meldiwood collection. New clothing, equipment, and accessories will also be available at the same time.

▲Come and change into Japanese style sci-fi costumes like the female purification ritual costume (top) or Meldiwood collection (bottom) for good luck during the New Year’s Luck Festival

※Official Phantasy Star Online 2 website:http://tw.new.beanfun.com/PSO2/

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