New lover revealed…DenKa : “I can’t live without him!”

Triple exclusive offers at GAMA Ximen Party attracted crowds of gamers.

GAMA PAY enters Ximen with an army of maids! Targeting young consumers in Ximen, GAMA PAY Ximen Party was held at Eslite Bookstore on Nov 19th. GAMA maids caused a sensation with PPAP and GAMA PAY Dance. DenKa was dressed in a Cosplay Lolita costume as GAMA PAY’s one day store manager. After playing GAMA games with her fans, she suddenly turned into an ” one minute maid” to feed the winner tangerines. The crowd gasped in envy as the winner blushed.

▲GASH POINT  can now be purchased online  through GAMA PAY! Amazing offers are available exclusively for Gamania gamers.

▲DenKa, known as the most beautiful Cosplay star in Asia, turned into “one minute maid”.  The crowd gasped in envy as she fed tangerine to the game winner.

Internet celebrity DenKa loves GAMA PAY, the most secured and convenient mobile payment app!

DenKa, who has been busy filming online dramas, is not shy about her addiction to GAMA PAY, a new app launched by Gamania. DanKa:” I can’t live without my new lover! GAMA PAY is the most simple and useful mobile payment tool. I don’t have to worry about forgetting my purse at home anymore! The top-up system helps me avoid overspending and the detailed purchase records make tracking my expenses easy!”

▲DenKa, who has been busy filming online dramas, is not shy about her addiction to GAMA PAY. DanKa: ” I can’t live without my new lover!” She showed her mobile screen.

As a professional gamer, DenKa says, ” GASH POINT is now available online and in the convenience stores. Don’t miss the exclusive offers!” She helped fans download GAMA PAY and taught them how to purchase GAMA points. Fans were impressed DenKa’s sweetness, while discovering GAMA PAY’s incredibly swift transaction service.  Share the news with your friends and download the app now!

▲GAMA PAY held a successful campaign in Ximen. Participants could win up to 2,000 NT from GAMA PAY’s Cashapon game! 

Triple exclusive offers attract crowds of gamers.

Launched on Oct 20, GAMA PAY held a successful Ximen Party. Limited kumquat tea was given to green GAMA members, 50NT credits were given to red GAMA members. Participants played Cashapon game for 1NT on GAMA PAY and won up to 2,000NT of prizes! The triple treats are tasty and fun!

▲The event reached its climax as DenKa played games and had pictures taken with her fans.

▲Free orange juice was served in the eye-catching GAMA PAY bar.

Exclusive offer for GAMA PAY users:
1.  GASH POINT giveaway- lucky draw for 10,000 free GASHPOINTs.  https://ec.gashpoint.com/Entry/index/
2. Gamania anniversary event- Be the first to play GAMA PAY games.  http://tw.beanfun.com/bfevent/bf/Gamania2016

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