We’re happy to announce a new partnership! The Mandarin version of “Summons Board” is working with “Ragnarok Online (RO)” to bring a limited time only overseas event

The Mandarin version of “Summons Board”, the first game developed by GungHo Gamania, a label formed by an alliance of Gamania and leader of the Japanese mobile gaming industry, GungHo, will work with the classic online game “Ragnarok Online (RO)” for the first time to provide a limited time only overseas event on both Andriod and iOS from now until March 29. The event gives players the full RO experience, using background music from “Ragnarok Online (RO)”, and creating a new level unique to the event: “Sograt Desert”, as well as RO player favorite, the adorable “Angeling” as a boss piece for all levels. Additionally, RO’s three most famous classes: “Swordsman”, “Mage”, and “Acolyte” will appear in the Mandarin version of “Summons Board” as the “Big Three”, and teach new players during the tutorial. Moreover, there will be limited-time eggs which will incorporate the 6 basic jobs from RO, as well as introduce “Fonse” from “Summons Board” in his new role as the “Assassin of the Cross”. Not only will it greatly increase your attack power, it can also increase the attack power of your allies. There is much to look forward to!

▲GungHo Gamania’s mobile game “Summons Board” is set to introduce a unique event for the Mandarin version of the game in cooperation with “Ragnarok Online (RO)”

“Summons Board”‘s cross-platform partnership is full of surprises! For the first time, “Summons Board” is joining with “Ragnarok Online (RO)” to introduce a limited time overseas event
Including the brand new event level “Sograt Desert”, which recreates the RO classic Angeling Island. Also making an appearance is the cutest boss in history, “Angeling”

The Mandarin version of “Summons Board”, the first game developed by GungHo Gamania, will continue to provide diverse, fresh gaming content to players across Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. From now until May 29, “Summons Board” is working with “Ragnarok Online (RO)” to offer an exclusive, limited time only event for both Android and iOS users. In order to give gamers the full RO experience, the game’s background music and level backgrounds will be recreated in the classic RO style. Additionally, a new event level, “Sograt Desert” will be introduced with difficulties such as “Easy”, “Normal”, “Hard”, and “Extreme”. At the same time, RO’s popular mascot “Poring” will be accepting challenges from players in her own adorable level. Those who pass the level will have a chance to receive adorable “Poring”, “Drops”, or “Poporing” pieces. Players may also use them as materials to strengthen their piece’s abilities, and their ability level. These pieces are more than just pretty faces. RO player’s favorite “Angeling” appears as a boss at all difficulty levels. If players pass these levels they have a chance to collect the powerful physical-type piece “Angeling”, who will come in handy in future levels.

▲The new, exclusive level “Sograt Desert” is also called “Poring Island” in “Ragnarok Online (RO)”

▲The adorable “Poring” mascots of “Ragnarok Online (RO)” will make appearances at all difficulty levels

▲”Angeling” will appear randomly as bosses at all difficulty levels

“Ragnarok Online (RO)”‘s classic jobs will appear as the “Big Three” in “Summons Board”. For the first time, “Summons Board”‘s “Fonse will appear as the 7 star piece: Assassin of the Cross”

“Summons Board” is working with “Ragnarok Online (RO)” to offer a limited time event that, in addition to introducing an exclusive level: “Sograt Desert” and adorable boss “Angeling” will also offer a “RO style tutorial”. For a change of pace, the “Big Three” from “Ragnarok Online (RO)” will appear, represented by “Chaos the Swordsman”, “Bijou the Mage”, and “Irene the Acolyte”. Together, they will allow newcomers to “Summons Board” to experience RO’s style.

▲”Summons Board”‘s “Big Three” will turn into the classic “Swordsman”, “Mage”, and “Acolyte” jobs from “Ragnarok Online (RO)”

▲New players downloading the “Summons Board” for the first time will have a chance to receive “Ragnarok Online (RO)”‘s classic jobs during the Big Three

▲”Irene the Acolyte” from the Big Three has strong healing powers

▲The Mandarin version of the “Summons Board” is coming out with the first “Summons Board” character to switch jobs: “Assassin of the Cross Fonse”

Experienced players needn’t fret, through the joint efforts of the “Summons Board” and “Ragnarok Online (RO)”, there will be a limited edition cooperation egg event. This event will include “Novice Roan”, “Lord Knight Elaina”, “High Wizard Lisa”, “High Priest Zenobia”, “Archer Judia”, “Thief Rock”, and “Merchant Maya” from “Ragnarok Online (RO)”. At the same time, the Mandarin version of “Summons Board” will, for the first time, have Fonse switch jobs to become the special piece: “Assassin of the Cross Fonse”. Not just a strong leader who is a combination of Dark and Attack type, Fonse can also greatly increase his team’s attack. He is quite worth waiting for. Additionally, this joint event allows RO players to acquire special limited items from “Summons Board” including “Summons Board”: “Head Hunter’s Totem”, “Sumons Board: Fulama’s Suit”, and “Summons Board”: “Fonse’s Cape”. Players need only meet the requirements for the event, and they can receive these special items.

▲This joint effort will also include the more advanced version of “Ragnarok Online (RO)”‘s swordsman: “Lord Knight Elaina”

▲The high level image “High Wizard Lisa” can use expansive water-type trap abilities

▲This joint effort also introduces the advanced version of the Acolyte: “High Priest Zenobia”

▲During the event, “Ragnarok Online (RO)” will also have special limited edition “Summons Board” items

※”Summons Board” official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SummonsBoard.TW
※”Summons Board” official website: http://www.gungho-gamania.com/SB/

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