The Exorcist is back! The whole-new version of “Lineage” brings the “grand exorcist time” back with a great momentum.

The whole-new “grand exorcist time” comes to the new legendary game of Gamania “Lineage” today (6/11). The exorcist is no longer an assisting character and grandly comes back with a fresh look after 9 years. The monster-summoning feature has been improved overall. All capacities including the HP and attack power have been upgraded thoroughly. The “One-eyed Giant,” the highest-level monster can even fight against the “Giant Queen Ant,” a boss-level character. Even more, the first-ever “exorcist-exclusive server” was launched in the free and monthly-paid servers of  “Lineage” today. The gamers can enjoy the new diversified environment through the same occupation and experience interests and through different points in the new “exorcist server” to create your unique exorcist. In order to celebrate the grand launching of the “exorcist server”, the achievement activity of “Extreme Level-up” will be held from today to June 7 in the exorcist server. The characters who reach the level-up requirements within the specified time will have the opportunity to earn the “Magic Book (Ultimate Light Split Magic),” “Magic Doll: Parker, the knight with Explosive Fire Attack” and other lavish rewards.

▲The “Exorcist Time” has come for rebuilding the barrier-free world for exorcists in “Lineage”.

The unimpeded time for exorcists has come! “Lineage” has gone through the largest revision in recent years and the “Exorcist Time” has been presented.
All monsters have leveled up, the exorcist is seeking the throne of glory and fighting for the strongest place among all occupations. 

After 9 years, the new version of the unconquerable classical game, “Lineage”, has been released. The fantastic time of exorcists that was enthusiastically welcomed is back. The exorcists will strive to seek the glory of the most powerful place among all occupations. The monsters that can be summoned by exorcists in the new version are also improved in HP, attack power and overall capacities. Moreover, the “One-eyed Giant”, the highest monster, has a new “rush-to-knock-down” skill and can even fight against the boss-level “Giant Queen Ant.” Meanwhile, in order to help players to level up quickly in the new server and to equip players with the sufficient resources and supplies to reduce frustration in fighting monsters and upgrading, the “material support” event kicks off from today until the regular maintenance on September 13. All players can acquire the “supplies package” on the website within the specified time in order to have the weapons of their jobs, injury relief+15 and all skill+1 as well as the “Exorcist’s Breath Crystal” and “Adventurer tool kit.”

▲In the “Exorcist Time,” all of the monsters were upgraded and their capacities were improved.

▲ The “One-eyed Giant,” the highest monster, has the rush-to-knock-down skill and can make the target dizzy in order to attack.

First time ever! The first “Exorcist-exclusive server” in the new monthly-paid and free servers
Enjoy the diversified environment through the same job and create the unique exorcist in “Lineage”

To correspond to the “Exorcist Time,” the first-ever “exorcist server” will be released in the new version. The gamers can enjoy the new diversified environment through the same occupation in the “exorcist server” and experience interests through different points to create the most unique and powerful exorcist. Dominating the exorcist time will be the focus in the exorcist server. Even more, to celebrate the grand launching of the “exorcist server”, the achievement activity of “Extreme Level-up” begins from today to June 7. The players can strive for the title of “No.1 Level-up Achiever” in the server. The character which reaches level 75 or above on the final day of the event will earn the “Magic Book (Holy Speed Walking)” and the No.1 Level-up Achiever will receive the champion prize-“Magic Book (Ultimate Light Split Magic).

▲The first “Exorcist-exclusive server” in the new monthly-paid and free servers

▲Players can enjoy the diversified environment through the same occupation and experience various interests in the “exorcist server.”

※“Lineage” “grand exorcist time” subscription server website: http://tw.beanfun.com/lineage/events/170511/main.html
※“Lineage” Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/Gamania.LineageTW/
※“Lineage” subscription server website: http://tw.beanfun.com/Lineage
※“Lineage” free server website: http://tw.beanfun.com/LineageFree

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