Restart Adventure, Game On! “MapleStory” Launches New “LAB Special Server” in which Players Challenge Boss with a Level 10 Character

Gamania’s hit game “MapleStory” is offering a limited period new gaming mode Level 10 Player Boss Challenge “LAB Special Server”. The new mode is available to gamers in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan until December 27. Gamers can fight monsters and gain experiences as much as they wish with the enjoyment of rebirths and unlimited equipment upgrades. Challenge a tougher monster in LAB server, experience beyond the MapleStory world. The new Level 10 Player Boss Challenge “LAB Special Server” is available until December 27. Any gamer who completes the LAB mission will receive a corresponding reward, part of which could be brought back and used in the regular servers to upgrade your game and show-off your achievements! Furthermore, LAB offers bonus rewards. A player will receive a “Harvey Blood Wing” outfit in regular servers after obtaining the “Die No More” skill and upgrade it to level  2 or higher, followed by accepting a beanfun! App mission.

▲ “MapleStory” has released a new gaming mode Level 10 Player Boss Challenge “LAB Special Server” bring players more fun and excitement

Reminisce all the wonderful memories! Enjoy ultimate rebirth with the new Level 10 Player Boss Challenge “LAB Special Server”
Defeat LAB Server exclusive monster for more experience. Huge upgrade of experience from monsters, equipment and items.

“MapleStory” has released a new Level 10 Player Boss Challenge “LAB Special Server” mode where players can enjoy the ultimate rebirth experience with even more challenging monsters to beat. A player may create only a character of Adventurer class, strengthen all the equipment and items up to 255 times. Huge amount of Legendary level equipment will drop with high drop rates. A player will reset its character back to level 10 Novice after being defeated in the game. Their abilities will also be reseted.

For simple equipment development enjoyment, the game released various decent  in-game items and super-value sales, such as: issuing 3 “Triple EXP coupon: 30 mins” daily, LAB server coins, 3 storm growth potions for monsters in the daily hunting level, and super potions.

▲ After a player’s character dies, it receives a permanent “Die No More” skill by chance (twice daily), which can greatly strengthen your character!

▲ LAB Store is open for business. Various experience and upgrade items are available for your collection!

Unique! Rare! Limited prizes are all in the LAB Server!
Every reward could be brought back to the regular server! Upgrade your game and show-off your achievements all at once!

In celebration of the “LAB Special Server” launch, numerous rare and limited missions are released to gamers for a range of special rewards. Among those missions, there is the mission “Diehard! Road to Level 200”. The mission opens after a player completes a level 150 mission and returns its character level to 10; Player who completes this mission will receive a “LAB Souvenir Outfit” reward. If a player completes a level 150 mission and returns its character level to 10, the mission “Defeat LAB Van Leon with Odd PT Bottle” is open to accept, in which a super-strength level 10 character aims to defeat Van Leon and receive the “Strengthened Alliance Battle Field Cube” reward.

▲ Strengthen your character’s equipment 80 times in the LAB server to complete this mission and receive a “LAB Server Pioneer Medal”.

▲ Level up your character to level 150 and receive “Alliance Battle Field Cube – LAB Exclusive ” and “LAB Souvenir Chair”!

※ Official “MapleStory” Facebook page: https://zh-tw.facebook.com/www.maplestory.msfans.com.tw
※ Official “MapleStory” website: http://tw.beanfun.com/maplestory/  

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