Evolution, Now! The Battlefield of Web 3. 0 Businesses

Where there’s people, there’s needs. Where there are different communities, there will be different needs. The Web 3. 0 Era calls for a change in the way your phones, internet and community affect your life style. Everyone in this business is holding their breathes to see who is able to make the crucial next step. Today, G!Voice takes a look at what the pros are saying about this. What opportunities exactly will the Web 3. 0 era bring?     

SoLoMo &SoMoCloGlo   

From the look of the current market trend, expert entrepreneur analysts John Doerr and Fred Wilson bring out two major points:   

1. SoLoMo (John Doerr):  So = Social, Lo = Local, Mo = Mobile. Social refers to Facebook, Twitter and other online communities that are given power by its enormous amount of subscribers, yet soles rely on its user base to stay head above the water. Local directs to community-based information being ever more localized due to the popularity of smart phones (aka LBS, location-based service). He also predicts that mobile internet users will exceed PC users in the near future.   

2. SoMoCloGlo(Fred Wilson): Wilson’s theory is unique in the fact that he takes the numbers from Netflix (a well-known DVD rental service in North America) stating that 33% of its users only watch movies online and not via DVDs, to come to the conclusion that Cloud service is our future. Google, Skype, Facebook and other services actual reflect this, too, although 80% are overseas accounts; proving that the “globalization” of businesses is actually happening.   

The SoLoMo phenomenon has been validated in several cases already. The iButterfly in Japan, for instance, calls for consumers to “catch a butterfly” for coupons, right in the middle of the city!     

The Urban Dash, brought by New Balance, created New York’s first race with over a checkpoints!     

Cases like this show how the user experience is taken to a new level, and of course, that’s won’t be too bad for business. So, what do you think of Web 3. 0 now? Obstacle, or opportunity?     

The Power of Virtual Communities   

One might be easy to judge that community marketing is full of cliche. Actually, it is what matters most. The characteristic of the Web 3.0 era is that it blurs the line between virtual and actual life. Amazon, for one, greeting the Web 3. 0 trend with open arms. It introduced the food forum “BigOven”, a platform that allows users to share or rate recipes online. You can even place an order for all ingredients listed for preferred dish. The idea was a simple response to the habit of online users’ love of “showing” and “sharing” food. Web 3. 0 basically directs your daily habits and introduces you to a group of people that have similar interests. Not only do you get updates on food almost effortlessly, you meet new friends. 

▲ The internet business. It just keeps getting better and better. Web 3. 0 is all about the community.   

We can all see the era of Web 3.0 coming and are fully aware of the trends it bring. New technologies answer to the need of these newly formed communities, and in-turn, old ways of living are traded up for better life styles. Humanity, however, will always remain the same. If the businesses can keep that in mind, then even through time, the good idea will always be a good idea no matter how much technologies change.         





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