Dream Destinations for Gamanians’ Ultimate Challenge

▲Sacred Lake: Yamdrok Lake (Provided by: GCN, Sida Yuan)  

For sports-loving Gamanians, they love to watch the gorgeous views around the world with their own eyes and explore the land with their own feet. Nature has created many world wonders with its exquisite and breathtaking craftsmanship. In Gamanians’ minds, where exactly are those dream destinations? Let’s take a look!      

The “Highest” Sign for Bike Riders: Wuling

▲The highest mountain road in Taiwan, Wuling has a beautiful scenery along the way. 

(Source of picture: Wikipedia )    

Area: Nantou County, Taiwan   

Location: Wuling  

Recommended by: SDG, Steve Tsay  


Situated at the altitude of 3,275 meters, Wuling is the highest point in the mountain highway of Taiwan. The magnificent steppe and beautiful scenery attract bike riders in droves. Misted over by clouds and haze, surrounded by waves of mountains, this is the place where you could bring your dear bike up to the highest road and wander about in the embrace of the land. This is also ranked as one of the most romantic things by bike riders! Of course, it’s not that easy to go up Wuling for its oblique slops would require a pair of sturdy legs! 

▲You need a pair of sturdy legs to go up Wuling! 

(Source of picture: Wikipedia )    

Climb up to the sky-reaching mammoth tree: Redwood Rainforest

▲It takes days to climb up the mammoth tree. 

(Source of picture: Wikipedia )  

Area: California, U.S  

Location: Redwood Rainforest   

Official Website: http://www.redwoodrainforest.com  

Recommended by: GHQ, Eva Lee  


Many people have had the fond memories of climbing trees when they were little, but to it is quite another matter to climb up on a giant tree that equals to a 38-story building. The Redwood Forest located in the north coast of California possesses of trees as old as over 2,500 years. A mature forest can be divided into 5 layers, undergrowth, forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent layer. Emergent layer is occupied with the highest trees/woods in the forest with most of their branches growing side ways, interweaving into a luxuriant leafy world. It is estimated that 60% of the presently-known species live above the emergent layer.  

▲Setting up a tree hammock is a vital skill for tree climbers. 

(Source of picture: )  

For tree climbers, this place is a sacred ground because high up on the emergent layer, one could vividly experience the aerial view and the vivacious ecosystem in the mid air. The mammoth tree is so tall that you may even need to set up a tree hammock for the night. Night climbing on the other hand, is another challenge. If you wish to spend the night on the tree, but you can’t bring any lighting tools, you will need to rely on other sense such as hearing, touch and smell rather than sight. These senses will be provoked to the maximum, you may “feel” a flying squirrel glides through next to you or a feline gently steps on the fallen leaves somewhere under the tree. Our body can reunite and communicate with the Nature.     

Last secret heaven on earth: Mêdog

▲(Source of picture: )    

Area: Southeast of Tibetan plateau, China   

Location: Mêdog  

Recommended by: GCN, Chao Wang, GCN, Gin Yang  


In the southeast of Tibetan plateau lies a sparkling green pearl, Mêdog. In this roughly 10,000 square kilometers area, born of exuberant natural resources and mesmerizing landscape. The breathtaking view and balm weather made it the secret heaven on earth for backpackers. 

▲Trickling creek, lush green, the true portrayal of Mêdog

(Source of picture: )

A sea of flowers, an utter heaven on earth.     Located between Himalayan and Mêdog orogenic belts, Mêdog is the only place in China that cannot be reached by highways due to its frequent earthquakes, mudslides and landslides. If Tibetan people haven’t seen a train, then people in Mêdog haven’t even seen a single car, bikes are also out of reach. The only means that leads to the otherworldly place is by foot which gives it a beautiful nickname in Tibetan,“hidden lotus.”

▲Due to its lack of transportation, people in Mêdog lives the primitive life away from all civilization.

(Source of picture:)    

Mountain of Gods and Spirits, Sacred Abode of Shiva: Mount Kailash

▲Beautiful Mount Kailash is a heavenly place for many people. 


Area: Ali area, of Tibet autonomous region, China  

Location: Mount Kailash   

Recommended by: GCN, Sida Yuan  


Located in Ali area of Tibet, Mount Kailash is world renowned spirit mount with the average altitude of 6.638 meters (some says 6,714 m). Shaping like a pyramid, Indians think Mount Kailash is the center of the world. One of the 3 most powerful and of highest status Hindu gods, Shiva resides here. Nowadays you can still see a flood of Indian pilgrims here. Although Mount Kailash is a dream place for many pilgrims and mountaineers, this mountain has never been climbed. Perhaps this is because no one dares to offend this sacred place!  

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