well Creative Ecosystem for the Brand-New Gamania

Gamania launched a whole-new “Well-Converted Creative Ecosystem” in the business. “Creative Ecosystem” allows each business entity to run independently within the Gamania Group, which can be the critical hub as well. When the hub can do something, it can connect resources collected from each business entity, which creates a circulation to move about in the market, and forecasts the next market trend. “Well-Converted” means convergence, converging, or confluence, which makes use of the opened space concept between human and space to get people to be inspired by creativity and imagination.

Creative Ecosystem: Open to the world without boundary, and share resources together through a streamline.

The Gamania enterprise system not only connects people together, but also shares more thoughts. It’s like the formula 1 plus 1, which can create something more than 2. Multiple streamlines can create an infinite amount like a chemical reaction. You’ll never know what will happen next for the new combination. What would be the most exciting connection or result? For example, 2016 CSOWC was mainly held by Gamania, which has incorporated WeBackers to promote the non-profit crowdfunding project to cheer up the candidates. It not only extends the topic, but also attracts more attention from cross-border groups; besides, GASH works closely with GASH PAY at the very beginning after its first launch of office. It adopted the feedback strategy to create a new market and a win-win situation.  It connects people for more possibilities, and brings more surprises to the future life. 

▲Gamania works closely with WeBackers to run the non-profit crowdfunding project.

Well-Converged Space: The Most Fashionable Space Application

Space will determine people’s reactions; yet, it is human inter-action that makes the space more meaningful. An exchange program like UnderLine was thus created due to Gamania’s advantages in the industry, space and geographical location inside the Neihu Science Park. UnderLine is dedicated to exchanging the latest network startup trend. It finds resources for startups and seeks out partnership for those with an idea. It tries to make the most out of the idea in the exchanging field. There should be no bottle neck when working here and any idea is acceptable. It is the most fashionable space for running an activity.

Up till now, UnderLine has held the event, FuckUp Nights Taipei, which generates plenty of discussions.

It also held the first event Visual Practice Workshop in Asia region to practice the “Well-Converged Space”, and reduced boundaries among people and between men and space.

▲The event FuckUp Nights Taipei was held on Gama Island.  

▲The event Visual Practice Workshop was held inside the Neihu headquarters of Gamania for the very first time.  

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