Blue Sea Strategy for 2017 E-Commerce market: Go South project led by Jollywiz’s MIT brands

Proudly presented by JSTAIWAN: Nougat rice cakes, pineapple cakes and matcha cakes were the star products at Malaysian Expo.

According to UBS estimates, e-commerce transactions taken place in Southeast Asia in 2017 will reach up to 21.8 billion US dollars.  With a population of 620 million, business opportunities in Southeast Asia are endless. Jollywiz , leader of omnichannel operations, was invited by Institute of Information Industry and Chinese Non-Store Retailer Association to participate in Selangor International EXPO 2016. Seven MIT brands, including Jiu  Zhen Nan Taiwan, Iehihuku Taichung, Fu Wei, Chen YunPao Chuan, Hi Walk, Teascovery,Hung Sen Food, and JSTAIWAN’ private brand, were led by Jollywiz to test and water for 2017 Go South project, while researching the Malaysian market. The MIT brands were extremely popular at the EXPO. The unique and innovative Taiwanese flavors attracted large crowds and made impressive sales.  

▲Jollywiz led JSTAIWAN to participate in Selangor International EXPO 2016 with excellent MIT products.

Regarding the huge spending power in Southeast Asia, Kevin Shih, CEO of Jollywiz, says, “We are glad to have taken part in the Expo, which helped us understand the demands from local consumers. It will help us adjust market strategies, product flavors and packaging. With 7 million Chinese population in Malaysia, there’s less cultural and language barrier. Chinese in Malaysia are chosen as our first targets in Southeast Asia because Taiwanese brands enjoy higher acceptance there. Jollywiz’s Go South expansion will start in 2017. The previous successful experience in e-commerce will lead us to win the Malaysian market. We plan to work with local marketing firms and make occupation with our carefully selected Taiwanese products!”

Jollywiz, leader of omnichannel operations, builds a strong team for future eco-partnership.

Jollywiz’s Go South expansion will start in 2017. The company used the expo as an opportunity to deepen relation with local companies for future partnerships. During the event, Jollywiz was also introduced to Invest Selangot, SITEC and the consulting agency for many e-commerce companies at MDeC. The meetings will help Jollywiz get the head start in the market. Institute of Information Industry stated that Malaysian government has a friendly attitude towards Taiwan and looks forward to future partnerships. The EXPO has marked Taiwan’s first success in the Go South Plan. 

Chinese Non-Store Retailer Association pointed out that Malaysia has allowed 100 percent foreign ownership in e-commerce sector since 2009 in order to  support  the industry and attract foreign investments. With Jollywiz’s previous achievements, support from the local government and close regional relations, future success in Malaysia is foreseeable. Regarding strategic planning in Malaysia, Jollywiz believes more thorough researches are necessary. In addition to localization, a “grounded” team must be built to fully grasp local trends in culture and fashion. More focus will also be put on technology sharing and bettering API systems for future Eco-partnerships.

▲Jollywiz received Expo certification from Dato’ Teng Chang Khim, State EXCO.

New local Taiwanese flavors conquer Malaysia.

JSTAIWAN carefully selects the best food products from Taiwan. Teas, pineapple cakes, sin cakes, egg rolls and fried dough twist were quickly sold out. Malaysian customers are very open when it comes to unique colors of food products. Green matcha cakes, black pineapple cakes and nougat rice cakes were very popular at the Expo. Product sales and high exposure at the EXPO successfully promoted the brand. Jollywiz’s one-stop-shop has assisted many Taiwanese brands in China, which sets a strong foundation for cross-border e-commerce business models. Jollywiz aims to win the new market by introducing more Taiwanese brands and products.

▲JSTAIWAN’s Taiwanese products received excellent feedbacks and attracted many customers with its unique and innovative features.

▲Black pineapple cakes, carefully selected by Jollywiz, were craved by local customers.

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