Revolutionary Reading Model: Trials & Triumph of G!VOICE

The “G!VOICE” we see today is quarterly published in a website format. But did you know? “G!VOICE” used to be published in various formats to accommodate our readers’ changing reading habits in the past. Here are all the different reading formats of “G!VOICE” in past eras!

The classic website version, the first step into the world!

“G!VOICE” had an online version in its initial days of the first issue. Although it has the same dynamic and interesting content, it was different from the current website version, where readers view the articles right after clicking into the platform, and the layout was less fancy; there was even the familiar “Gama Song” playing in the background!

▲ The classic Gmamnian online version with the Gama Song playing in the background

Unforgettable Audio Version of G!VOICE! !

Have You Heard of Our Podcast? “Podcast” was chosen as the Word of the Year for 2005 by the New Oxford American Dictionary. A popular new Internet phenomena at the time, a Podcast is an audio broadcast in a portable MP3 file format, so you can take it wherever you go. “G!VOICE” also caught on to the new wave and released its Podcasts, offering its audience a brand new experience! Listening to the audio version of “G!VOICE” is particularly endearing!

▲ The precious Podcast files made reading beyond a visual level

The Most Cherishing Retro Newspaper Version of G!VOICE!

The publishing of newspaper version of “Gamanian” (the predecessor to “G!VOICE”) in 2007 was the first printed version of Gamanian; the substantial thickness of the newspaper format offers a brand new experience.

▲ The printed newspaper has a certain thickness, and the texture feels substantial in your hands

The Captivating Hard Copy Has It All

Since 2008, “G!VOICE” has published each theme in a printed issue, with alluring sections and articles, detailed information; readers gain a new understanding of G!VOICE after each issue! It is said that only a chosen few has a chance to ever see the mysterious black and red cover version!

Whatever the format, “G!VOICE” is always reinventing itself and overcoming challenges. It achieves effective communication with its readers through the most direct way, allowing readers to receive information while enjoying the experience.

G!VOICE Profile: Podcast
A Podcast is similar to the audio file of a radio broadcast. It is downloaded from Internet after the recording, and is playable on a PC, MP3 player or a mobile phone. The audience is no longer limited to location or time and has the luxury to receive information they are interested in through Podcast subscriptions.

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