How to market when the government is a brand?

In a democratic country, its government is not only a political or administrative body, but also a brand that requires honing. In 2017, let’s take a look at how Taipei City shines its brand of Taipei City Government through the Summer Universiade.

Marketing Strategy 1: Invites its people into the game

Only when you make people think, “I’m involved,” does the event become a hot topic and attract public attention. Therefore, the first shot of the Summer Universiade is launching the slogan “Taipei, My Stage!” which invites all Taipei citizens to be the hosts; moreover, the mindset that hosts must clean the house before guests arrive is used as an insight for the whole story, subtly combining the postures of cleaning with those on sports fields.

Marketing Strategy 2: Reinterprets the relationship between the city and sport

The Summer Universiade fires its second shot with a marvelous, fascinating promotion video. Through exceptional production and director ideas, the video closely knits together various athletic movements and urban scenes, such as archery and the MRT, judo and throwing divination blocks. As a result, the video wins public praise and pride due to its high quality upon its release; everyone involved — from the director to each athlete playing in the video — becomes the hottest search terms, down to the last detail. Such intense discussions mean that the marketing strategy has worked to make everyone join the pre-Universiade warmup.

Marketing Strategy 3: Citizens interpret by themselves and are involved

Successfully drawing attention and stimulating discussions, along with lots of activities and events inviting people to participate represents an achievement of perfect marketing of the Summer Universiade in the pre-Universiade promotion phase. The Universiade Street Dance Competition held by Taipei City Youth Development Office attracted 34 teams to participate; video sections of the competition continue to expose on major news network, and people also keeps sharing on the social media. The spirit of the Summer Universiade is honored and realized through these activities.

When the government is a brand, the strategy of marketing is important and the quality of conducting is the key point. When people are proud of you, you are a successful brand!

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