Gama-esque Renaissance III: Culture and Aesthetics

8. GAMA Space:
Breaking New Grounds; Broadening the Visions

In June 2016, Gamania moved its headquarter that stood  for 21 years in Zhonghe, to Neihu. The new Neihu headquarters embraces the concept of Open & Limitless, opening up new grounds for Gamania to become an Eco-Internet enterprise. The word “open” refers to open spaces and melting down of barriers; on the other hand, “limitless” means the boldness to be innovative and to create impressive ideas! Gamania’s focus has also evolved – before, it was solely online gaming; now the focus has expanded to“the Internet of life”. The company slogan has shifted from “have a GOOD GAME!”to “have a GOOD TIME!” This more attitude welcomes sharing and communication from within and without, creating new values for Taiwan’s Internet field!

▲The Gamania headquarters that embraces the concept of Open & Limitless. It will bring Gamanians to a whole new future.

▲The office spaces are flexible, allowing Gamanians to communicate and brainstorm at anytime

The design of Gamania’s headquarters has three main focuses: 24/7,eco-Internet and comprehensive functionality. There are innovative and thoughtful design touches throughout the building: the streamlined reception desk, the huge video wall, and the innovative names of public areas. Naming with innovation in mind is a tradition at Gamania, and the names embody the essences of an eco-internet enterprise! Also in the new building are the comfortable spaces that care for Gamaninans’ welfare, such as the GAMA Island and the upgraded gym. Also, the GamaGarden that was moved from the previous headquarters in Zhonghe became the first day care center in the Neihu Technology Park. Instead of adopting the colorful design from before, the new GamaGarden is a space of brightness and pure white, a blank canvas to be painted by the children’s rich imagination!

▲The bright and minimalist design of GamaGarden encourages children to think outside the box and be creative

In the future, as Gamania’s Internet business expands, it will gather more innovative momentum, through brainstorming and communication. The societies created within the company will beam with limitless possibilities!

9. GAMA T-shirt and GAMA Song:
Uniforms, can be cool too  

The Gama T-shirt exclusive to Gamanians originated from 1999. At the time, Gamania needed a suitable uniform for the staff to wear on a news conference. Naturally, the piece of orange most representative of Gamania became the core concept of the T-shirt’s design. As time evolved, the design of the T-shirt has also seen some changes. Now it has a simple design of only the standard font of “gamania ”printed across it. Nowadays you can see the Gamanians wearing the GAMA T-shirt while they actively participate in events such as the GAMA Cheer Cup.

▲The original black & white Gama T-shirt, which used to serve as a uniform, evolved to become what Gamanians like to wear at the big events nowadays

▲The original black & white Gama T-shirt, which used to serve as a uniform, evolved to become what Gamanians like to wear at the big events nowadays

▲In 2007, the creative Gamanians even made the limited edition Space 17 T-shirt that comes in the colors of golden and silver

10. The Gama Song is not only the company anthem; it’s a party song!

When it comes to building a visual brand image, the Gamanians will all agree it’s important. But who would have thought that a brand needed its own sound? To be honest, people weren’t very aware of its importance. The brand director Ahbin recalled, “One day, when I was at one of the company’s events, I suddenly realized that Gamania lacked its own sound. We work within the digital entertainment industry that so heavily relies on sound and visual effects, and if even we don’t care about our own sound, with this attitude, what we create will not make an impression on the customers.”

Every country has its national anthem and every school has its own song. Even people have their own theme song. The playful Gamania can’t not have one! In 2005 Gamania invited one of Asia’s top bands Machi to work together on Gamania’s anthem – Gama Song. In the creating process, Gamania and Machi just hit it off right from the very beginning! The lyrics of the song not only convey Gamania’s fun spirits, warmth and passion, but also bring out our future visions. Nowadays, at events such as the Gama’s various festivals, “GAMA Gathering”, or wherever the Gamanians get together, you’ll for sure hear this upbeat and heartwarming “Gama Song”

▲Gama Song was created with Asia’s top band Machi. The album has an interesting Vinyl Record design.

▲The lyrics are printed on the inside of the box for Gamanians to sing along.

You could hear Gama Song everywhere: at the year-end party, GAMA Cheer Cup, Moon Festival Gathering ,GAMA Festival, GAMA Gathering, or everywhere the Gamanians get together. The Gama Song can just bring the Family Day to life. You would also hear the Gama Song at the headquarters’ lobby or on the Gamania Cheer Up Foundation website. Even when you call the customer service line, you will hear the Gama Song. The Gama Song is everywhere, sharing fun and joy.

11. GAMA Buddy:
Gamania’s best representative GAMA Buddy is everywhere!

Originally, the idea of GAMA Buddy was conceived because the company wanted to set up the Golden Gama Award to acknowledge employees who excel at their jobs. People started to discuss what memorable prizes to give for this precious honor. At the time, there was a culture trend within Gamania – that is, people were obsessed with action figures and figurines. You could see a dazzling variety of figurines on many of our co-workers’ desk. So it was decided that the prize would go with this figurine trend and be a golden GAMA Buddy. The company even asked the figurine expert at the Gamania Creative Center Weylen Tseng to create GAMA Buddy greenware prototypes. Thus were born the first GAMA Buddies!

▲The GAMA Buddy greenware prototypes created by Weylen Tseng from the Gamania Creative Center

Over the years, the GAMA Buddy has become Gamania’s best representative. During the three main festivals of the year, he will transform into the classic symbol of that particular festival and say hi to everyone. Its looks are always impressively cute and everyone would highly anticipate it appearance!

▲GAMA Buddy transform into a little orange dumpling, bringing the auspicious greetings for the Dragon Boat Festival

12. G!VOICE: 
A must read for Gamanians!The cultural publication that brings together you and me!

Do you know that in the beginning the magazine was not called <<G!VOICE>> but Gamanian? Let us go back in time to 2005, when the magazine was first issue, and see how Albert explained its essence.“Culture plays a crucial rule in the development of a company. The so called corporate culture refers to the ways a corporate’s employees interact with one another and to their work ethics; They influence and interact with one another and create this common set of values, ”Albert said. In 2002, Gamania began to expand overseas. Albert hoped to see that during this process, we could learn valuable lessons from other cultures. He went on to point out, “The purpose of ‘Gamanian’ is to introduce Gamanians from different regions to each other, and for them to share their hard work and accomplishments. I hope that through the magazine, we can build a consensus within the corporate regarding its developmental goal and keep this new Gamanian culture going.” 

▲The first issue of Gamanian, predecessor of  G!VOICE

The evolution of G!VOICE: from website to hardcopy and to multi-platform media

In 2006, <<Gamanian>> was released in newspaper form. At the time, online gaming was an enormous consumer-based entertainment market, and the newspaper even reached our competitors. After reading the newspaper, many employees from our competitors felt deeply attracted to Gamania’s culture, which help HR in recruiting them. Time has evolved. Nowadays, going online and running cross-platform media are becoming the mainstreams, and the magazine (now <<G!VOICE>>) is back online. In combination with topics of current affairs, market trends, and brand culture, Gamania has created its own take on things.

▲There were six issues of Gamanians in newspaper form. They created a theme for each character of the word “FAMILY”. Every theme surrounds the essence of the word.

mini SPACE 17:
To feed the soul! An exhibition space that mesmerizes the Gamanians

SPACE 17 was originally a wall in the staff canteen. The canteen was originally a Café, but was later integrated to include a museum, a gallery and a store. SPACE 17 is an exhibition space for Gamanians. It aims to provide a space to promote corporate culture, and for the Gamanians to unleash their creativity. Creative professionals such as artists and designers are invited over from time to time to meet with Gamanians, sharing their future visions and innovative plans with each other, and explore fun elements within Gamania together.

▲SPACE 17’s first exhibition “Show yourself, Gamanians”

SPACE17 was originally an exhibition space on the 17th floor in the previous Zhonghe headquarters and was later moved to GAMA Island on its first floor. After the headquarters was moved to Neihu, in order to echo the eco-internet enterprise theme, it was renamed mini SPACE17. It showcases more real-time trends and is more compact. It’s become a place for Gamanians to relax and gain knowledge. 

▲The “Independent Publication” exhibition at Mini Space 17. The compact space provide Gamanians with information on the latest trends 

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