Digital Codes Offer You a Quality Lifestyle

Have you noticed that QR codes are popping up everywhere, even in the most unlikely places? Even the hottest LINE software uses a QR code login system now. In fact, QR codes allows great potential for creativity and marketing. A new ways of applying this technology are as the following:

What are QR Codes?

The QR code (Quick Response Code) is a code that can be read by using digital cameras and decryption devices. It is mainly used for cameras and can be converted into text information. The purpose is to omit the procedure of typing in a string of text for the same effect. QR codes are used for tour guides, ticket purchases, product information, namecards… etc.

With the popularization of mobile devices, the QR code system have come to its all time peak in the recent years. Here are some of the most common QR codes:

1.     LEXUS: All New GS QR Code – A New Technology

Scan its QR code from a product DM to view its 3D model from its official site.

2.     Korea: eMart Sunny Sale

Most QR codes are just for scanning, yet in Korea, eMart added an extra feature during lunch hours that utilizes 3D sunlight projection from 00 – 1: 00, as a means to promote sales through mobile devices.

3.     Germany: The animated QRCode CM by Nerdindustries

This German company took advantage of the QR code 15% error-tolerant design and made the QR code into an animated feature.

4.     Taiwan: 7-ELEVEN

QR codes are used for payments due to its convenient nature and its accessibility. Similar to Korea’s Home Plus, customers can buy products online at home and pick them up at the store after.

5.     QR code Resume Autobiographies:

It takes more than just a piece of paper to impress the HR nowadays. Why not show them a slice of “you” by sending over an audio file through QR codes?

6.     LINE: Login in with QR codes. No Passwords required!

The PC version of LINE has this nice feature that allows you to login via smartphone without harassing you with account and password demands. Just scan your code with your phone and its done.

In Taiwan, the QR code system is also becoming ever more common. It provides a safer and quicker way to gain access to places that requires certain identity authorization or registration. This includes paying billings, buying tickets, shopping, discounts, or any kind of promotion. Through a simple scanning procedure, you literally “scan” your way through everyday life, easy and breezy. This is a technology that will definitely dominate our market in the near future.

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