Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Socrates lives in each person’s heart. Through a journey of self-exploration and understanding, we learn to obtain spiritual satisfaction and focus more on the moment, the concept of here and now. Through his conversations with Socrates, the main character learns how to evaluate who he really is, coming to the understanding that the past and future are no longer important and there is no purpose thinking about failure or success. When one takes charge of his own life and dedicates himself wholeheartedly to what he his passionate about, he will glean happiness from life’s journey. This is a book about a spiritual journey, directing us towards a path of happiness and peach on a confusing, seemingly directionless road.


From the 1980s to the spiritual era of the 21st century, this enthralling semi-autobiographical novel, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, has captured the hearts of millions of young people around the world. Its mission is to accompany young lives of different generations as they bravely embark on heroic journeys of growth themselves! 

The years prior to 1966 had smiled upon me. Raised by loving parents in a secure environment, I was later to win the World Trampoline Championship in London, travel through Europe, and receive many honors. Life brought rewards, but no lasting peace or satisfaction. It all began at 3:20 A.M., when I first stumbled upon Socrates in an all-night gas station.

That chance encounter and the adventures that followed were to transform my life.

Socrates showed me the error of my ways by contrasting them with his way, the Way of the Peaceful Warrior. He constantly poked fun at my own serious, concerned, problematic life, “It is better for you to take responsibility for your life as it is, instead of blaming others, or circumstances, for your predicament. As your eyes open, you’ll see that your state of health, happiness, and every circumstance of your life has been, in large part, arranged by you–consciously or unconsciously.”

Until I came to see through his eyes of wisdom, compassion, and humor, “Use whatever knowledge you have but see its limitations. Knowledge alone does not suffice; it has no heart. No amount of knowledge will nourish or sustain your spirit; it can never bring you ultimate happiness or peace. Life requires more than knowledge; it requires intense feeling and constant energy. Life demands right action if knowledge is to come alive.”

Socrates taught me I had to learn how to live–that there were specific disciplines and ways of seeing the world I had to master before I could awaken to a simple happy, uncomplicated life—“The secret of happiness you see is not found in seeking more but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”

Now I realize that I had, in a sense, been sleeping all those years and just dreaming I was awake–until I met Socrates, who came to be my mentor and friend.

——excerpt from books.com.tw

Introduction to the Author:

Dan Millman, former world trampoline champion, Stanford University gymnastics coach, professor at Oberlin College, martial arts advisor. His lectures and talks have had a profound impact on readers from various age groups and social statuses, including fields such as mental and physical health, psychology, education, politics, sports, entertainment, art, and more. His works include Way of the Peaceful warrior, The Journeys of Socrates, The Life You were Born to Live, and more, of which more than a million copies have been published in 29 languages around the world. He currently resides in Northern California with his wife. He has three daughters and two grandchildren.

——excerpt from books.com.tw 

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