Let’s see how Kit Kat chocolate bar hacks into other brands and make their “busy” advertisement characters take a break!?

“Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat” is the well-known tagline of Kit Kat chocolate bar, a Nestlé brand, and appears in its advertisement every time.

The repetition of this tagline in the advertisement is intended to make consumers naturally think of “Kit Kat” when they “have a break”. However, such big dream of brand cannot remain theoretical. The most efficient way is making consumers truly get the meaning behind these words. And Kit Kat’s creative idea is so ingenious that you’ll definitely understand what “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat” is all at a glance.

To promote its newly-on-sale chocolate bar in Colombia, Kit Kat decides to use outdoor board in their advertising campaign in the most flourishing areas in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Outdoor boards are common except this kind. Because this time the outdoor boards Kit Kat used are all borrowed from other brands’ advertisement. How clever!

Everyone knows what the tagline “Have a Break” means. But here comes the question: how to strengthen the connection between having a break and Kit Kat in consumers’ mind?

Kit Kat thinks of the characters in advertisements who always “have no break”. “Now that we promote the idea ‘Have a Break’, we can have Kit Kat help those popular characters on the boards who act as workers, stand outside for a long time, suffer from wind and rain every day to Have a Break”.

First of all, Kit Kat contacts some recognizable and famous brands, such as Mazda Motor, Banco Caja Social Bank and cosmetic brands for cooperation. These brands already have many outdoor boards setup in various downtown areas. Then, they hire the models in the original advertisement, ask them to represent the previous context and style, and keep the original brands’ Logos to produce a set of seemingly identical posters. But this time, the characters put their work aside and have a Kit Kat chocolate bar in their hands!

▲Hire models in the original advertisements to shoot a set of posters similar to the original one. But this time the characters put their works aside.  

▲The left one is the original advertisement; the right one is the advertisement with chocolate bar in which the character is having a break.  

▲The model demonstrating cosmetics all day can finally have a break.  

▲Still busy with the goods? Come, have a break.

Finally, they put these poster on the same boards where the original ads were, creating a sense of surprise for those who commute on the same road when they “find that the familiar advertisement is replaced overnight with another that is somehow a bit similar but a bit different”. This method is not only refreshing but also creates a fad on social media. When “people take photos because the ad is interesting, post them on Facebook and share with friends and family”, Kit Kat gains popularity.

▲Seeing those familiar characters who originally work hard now sneak a break from the busy work makes us have a knowing smile.

Besides communicating the major appeal, the connection to the product is also taken into account.

Kit Kat cleverly gives full scope to creativity and allows ad characters to “have a break”. Moreover, to strengthen the connection between tagline and the product, they setup a shelf beside some boards with Kit Kat chocolate in it for consumers passing by to take actions, “try one for free”, immediately when seeing the tagline “You can have a break, have a Kit Kat just like these models” on the poster. Isn’t it good?

▲See the advertisement? Have a free chocolate bar immediately.

In this excellent case of crossover cooperation, Kit Kat does not steal other brands’ thunder. It reaches the goal of advertising, and meanwhile adds some sense of humor to the original brands. They co-create win-win situation. How nice!    

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