Butterfly Chien Role Plays Boxer Nene Introducing: Crayon Shin-chan Online!

This summer, the well-loved Crayon Shin-chan presents its very first MMOPRG, Crayon Shin-chan Online! Celebrity Linda “Butterfly” Chien takes the stage to lead fans in joining the Kasukabe Defense Organization! The new trailer for Crayon Shin-chan Online started the event with a bang, giving the audience a taste of the actual game play. 

▲ Butterfly dresses up as Boxer Nene and welcomes gamers alongside a life-size Shinnosuke.     

Butterfly V.S Shin-chan: The Super Kawaii Dance-off   

As to celebrate the release of Crayon Shin-chan Online and movie Crayon Shin-chan: Very Tasty! B-class Gourmet Survival!!, Butterfly and Chef Shinnosuke team together as dancing divas that blew everyone away with super cute moves during the anime and comic exhibition. Shinnosuke could not hold back his fondness for beauties and gushed over with a pair of adorable “Nene” boxer gloves custom-made for Butterfly. 

▲ Shinnosuke is well-known to go wild around pretty ladies, and helps Butterfly put on her gloves.   

Butterfly confessed to be a fan of Crayon Shin-chan since childhood, and express her envy that young fans now have the chance to interact with Shinnosuke through animations and online games. She is so excited to become “Boxer Nene” and promote one of her favorite comic characters, so be sure to share her enthusiasm starting from today’s OB. 

▲ Butterfly and Shinnosuke invite everyone to join the Kasukabe Defense Organization. 

▲ The crowd goes wild upon seeing Shinnosuke in person.     

Journey to the West: Challenging the Bull Demon King   

Crayon Shin-chan Online introduces characters “Shinnosuke”, “Tōru” and “Nene” during OB for fans to experience the versatile skill trees to level 30. You get to challenge some of the most famous villains of Shin-chan’s universe, such as the Leotard Devil (aka Demon Haigure), or “Bark Vader”. The game also features characters from the Journey to the West spin-off in the 16th comic book to add a special something to the long-anticipated Shin-chan game.  

▲ Crayon Shin-chan Online presents its 1st character class “Shinnosuke”, “Toru” and “Nene”.   

During the Journey to the West episode in-game, various famous titles are encountered, like the toxic “Golden Heel”, the wrestling “Bull Demon King”, “Witch of the Monster Hall” Princess Iron Fan and the expandable “Princess Ogre”. This time, it will not be up to Wokung to defeat these monsters. The Kasukabe Defense Organization members need to step up!   

▲ “Golden Heel” releases poisonous gas. 

▲ The twirling (yet deadly) “Bull Demon King”. 

▲ The Princess Iron Fan, “Witch of the Monster Hall”. 

▲ The bouncing “Princess Ogre” and other bosses aim to take you down.

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