Armageddon Girls Expansion On the Way: Introducing 2 New Characters

The Armageddon Girls development team thanks its gamers by announcing its future plans for the popular game that will definitely meet up to everyone’s expectations. 

▲ The Armageddon Girls team promises to present new game content as to respond to its fans’ support.   

Question: What main changes will take place after the expansion on Aug. 22nd? What’s most exciting about it? 

Producer: This expansion includes new features such as the “Death ring”, “imparting”, “Bonus characters” and “Bonus skins”. The death ring is a PVP system resonating Armageddon Girls’ will to survive. Players match up in pairs and try to defeat each other and challenge the next opponent; the game goes on until only one is left standing. You can also “impart” your experience points to a new recruit. It helps the arrangement of comrades become more dynamic. Another exciting feature is the bonus character, Makise Michiko. For those familiar with the story, this name definitely rings some bells. Let’s wait and see! Another nice addition is a bikini version of the popular character Kyoko Mist. Winners can add it into the artwork collection and see Mist’s new summer fashion.   

▲ Presenting: bonus characters Makise Michiko and Kyoko Mist (Bikini version)!   

Question: Did the team receive any valuable feedback since Armageddon Girls’ launch? 

Lead Project: The players are the best. Their insights and suggestions are always sincere and they truly care for the game as much as the developers do. Of course, not all reviews were positive ones, and some caused us a lot of stress. We never ignore any single comment, and they will definitely become one of our main considerations in the next expansion. I have no doubt that for the players that experienced both CB and OB, they would know that we’ve really listened to what they have to say. My biggest wish is to establish good communication with our gamers. With their help, it is not impossible for our game to surpass international standards.    Question: You mentioned that Armageddon Girls is inspired by some classic works. Which one influenced your team the most?  Lead Artist: I’d say the infamous “The Walking Dead” series, especially in terms of the art style and setting’s atmosphere. We prefer not to turn it into a gore fest and opt for the “infectious” zombies that personify deadly, viral diseases.   

Question: What is the team’s favorite monster so far?  What kind of obstacles did you come across during development? 

Lead Artist: We adore the “Fallen Angel”. The main concept of its design is its unique physical feature that consist of geometrical spikes and prints. Its blade-like wings further affirm that this entity is someone you shouldn’t take lightly.   

▲ The team’s favorite creation is the “Fallen Angel”.   

Question: There are quite a lot of monsters featured in Armageddon Girls. And they aren’t always very intimidating. Why’s that? 

Lead Artist: Well, we were hoping to give as much variety in the monsters as there are heroines. It would be incredibly dull if you encounter the same type of monsters throughout every round. Also, some monsters might even evoke sympathy once you get to know their backstory. 

▲ The zombie designs are also very dynamic and evolve as the story unravels.   

Question: Will a cute art style be introduced at some point? 

Lead Artist: Personally, I am very looking forward to the cute side products. However this option will not be available in the current game… Maybe we can make a side-scrolling version. I’m sure our programmer’s face will turn pale when he sees this, ha. 

▲ Armageddon Girls was original meant to have a cute manga style. 

▲ Its monsters were initially cute, too. 

▲ The team created new cute designs for Armageddon Girls.   

Question: Why does Armageddon Girls have a theme park feature in its main page?  What were its inspirations? 

Lead Artist: The original settings was supposed to be on campus, but we thought that placing the characters in a theme park would be the perfect twist to spice things up a bit. The run-down facilities and eerie atmosphere for funhouses or haunted castles work great with the story, it turns out. 

▲ The Armageddon Girls main scene is set in an abandoned amusement park.     

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“Tokyo Horror Academy” Official Site: www. ghoststory. com. tw         

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