Taipei 2016 Counter-Strike Online World Championship and Gamania carnival rock Xinyi Plaza!

Taipei 2016 Counter-Strike Online World Championship was held in Taipei on Dec 3 and 4, marking a promising future for Taiwan’s gaming market. Department of Information Technology, Department of Economic Department and Department of Information and Tourism attended the event to show support. GAMANIA  cheered for Taiwan team with crowds of supporters.

Taipei 2016 Counter-Strike Online World Championship was held on Dec 3-4 at Xinyi Plaza. More than ten thousand players crowded the venue to meet world-class players. The event is a great opportunity to promote Taiwan. Representatives from Department of Information Technology, Department of Economic Department and Department of Information and Tourism attended the press conference. Marco Chien, COO of Gamania and Ahn Bing Yu, director of NEXON(CSO) Development also took part in the event. Xinyi Plaza successfully attracted the general public with  interactive activities and performances.  Meeting professional players creates a strong synergy among Taiwanese players. Let’s cheer for the Taiwan team.

▲En Yu Chien, secretary of Department of Information and Tourism(first on the left) Ahn Bing Yu, director of NEXON(CSO) Development (second on the left)  Marco Chien, COO of Gamania(third on the left) Yong Huang, Kao, Deputy chief of Department of Information Technology(second on the right)Chen Yuan, Kao, Chief Secretary of Department of Economic Department(first on the right)

More than a thousand players crowded the scene to watch the battle of the seven elite teams from six regions. Famous commentators including Zang Yuan Hsu, Hao Yu Zen, Tsuki, Wind and Breakersc2 were invited to give simultaneous commentaries.

A winner prediction lucky draw is helf before each battle. More than winners are chosen after each game, who can win Golden Balrog serial numbers and game memorabilia.  The even reached climax as graphics cards( worth 4.690NT) were won by winners.

Seven teams battled for the first double-elimination round. The Korean team and the China team were considered top players. Oldman and PythoN faced challenge from the elite squads during the first round.

Quarter final was held in the second day. Famous from Indonesia defeated Zirdrake from Japan by 2 to 0. Oldman from Taiwan lost to the Crazy from Korean by 0 to 2. With excellent skills and teamwork, Taiwan managed to keep the third place. The final champion battle between Famous and Crazy was a close call. Indonesia almost took over the battlefield by surprise, but Korean team eventually took control and own the championship by 2 to 0. 

▲After a fierce battle, Crazy from Korea won 2016 CSO championship.  

▲Famous from Indonesia won the second prize. Oldman from Taiwan won the third prize.

Gamania Carnival was also held at the venue. The interactive games presented were CSO2 ONLINE2, Kartrider, Linkage, Maplestory, Elsword and Mabinogi. Memorabilia and limited virtual treasures attracted long lines.  Shu Ping, Chien, She Shuan Ling,and Color Five, popular contestants from Gamania’s talent show, wowed the crowds with wonderful performances.

▲The eye-catching performance by Color Five, champion group from PLAN-S project.  

▲ Participants watch the battle while experiencing Gamania’s classic games at the venue.

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