WeBackers breaks records in the gaming market with 1 million raised in two weeks for The Legend of Asaku Forever Collection.

WeBackers, a crowd-funding platform under Gamania, raised record-high  funding 1,340,000NT for DongZhou, a game developed by a Taiwanese team. The Legend of Asaku Forever Collection, another crowd-funding project introduced by well-known Taiwanese comic book artist Ming Kun, Liu, has reived more than 1,000,000NT in funding, which sets a new record in Taiwanese crowd-funding games. Developed solely by artist Ming Kun, Liu, the original style and storyline perfectly captures the essence of the adventurous game which has been popular for the last 27 years. The classic RPG game with nostalgic Bitmap design will take gamers and fans through a fantastic journey.  

The Legend of Asaku Forever Collection reached its fund-raising goal only 30 seconds after being launched. 500,000NT was raised within 33 hours and 1,000,000NT was raised after two weeks. There are still two weeks left before the project ends, Webackers hopes the crowd-funding record can be broken with continuous support from gamers.

For more information about the project, please visit:https://goo.gl/Y22NyL

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