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“To be Gamanian, is to know Gamania!” It has been uncountable shared Gamania memories since the first issue of “G!VOICE” over more than 10 years ago. The history of “G!VOICE”, is the history of Gamanians! Readers will become true Gamanians after reading this issue’s articles in the five essential themes “Who,What (about), When, Where, What (is)”!


Who can forget Gama Buddy, the most popular character of Gamania? The cute little Gama Buddy is reserved for internal promotional information, but you will easily find it with a little effort!

Recommended: “Famous Sightings of the Gama Buddy Over the Past 18 Years!” NewsFlash: The 2-inch Mascot Figurine is coming soon!”
Rating: ★★★  

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What (about)

“Everything is cheap in this company, except people.” says Linus, our HR Director, in a show of appreciation of Gamania for its employees. “G!VOICE” once summarized all the wonderful benefits at Gamania in a simple and clear list for all to see.

Recommended: “All about benefits of Gamania, a thoughtful welfare system
Rating: ★★★★★


We must not forget the past when we are building the future. Gamania was once “FullSoft”, and the glorious stories at FullSoft were all written down in “G!VOICE”!

Recommended: “The Things You Didn’t Know About Gamania in the Past
Rating: ★★★★


It has been exactly one year since the relocation of Gamania. The new headquarters use space with the three concepts: “Full-time, Full-ecological, Full-functional”. Understanding the new space concept and find the best place for you to work!

Recommended: “Jump Outside the Box, New Gamania Workspace Revealed!
Rating: ★★★★

What (is)

Did you know the signature drink “Gama Island Iced Tea”, only available at Gamania Headquarters, has a “golden ratio”? That’s what makes it a unique flavor! “G!VOICE” shares the story behind this signature drink!

Recommended: “Taste of Forever 18 – The Origin of the Gama Island Iced Tea
Rating: ★★★★★

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April 16, 2020


Gamania will officially enter its 25th year in 2020. In this issue of G!VOICE, we

Feature VOL. 89
May 7, 2020

Cover 89

April 1, 2020

Gamania First Mild Builder Mobile Game “Komori Life” World Debut on Mar 25!

Pre-registration for dual platform and exclusive release of limited edition browser game "Komori Life Cat"

Events TW
April 1, 2020

“Tonight, I’ll be eating…” Internet slams Uber Eats spokesperson campaign ads. Is a plus or minus for the brand profile?

"Tonight, I'll be eating...Kebuke bubble milk tea without ice." "Tonight, I'll be eating...Jin Feng braised

Columns On Branding
April 16, 2020

After a Transition, Who is Gamania at 25 Years Old? Exclusive Interview with Iona, Director of the Corporate Marketing Office

5 years ago, at the age 20, Gamania Digital Entertainment established its goal to developed

Feature VOL. 89