The Endless Resource: Solar Energy

We tend to define at a brand from the message its tries to deliver. However, has it ever occurred to you that a product can become its own advertisement, literally? Most will think of how convenient the product may be. The problem is, by going in that direction, one ends up with boring subjects such as eco-friendly bus stop bench cover, or free battery chargers for public transportation.

Well. Let’s take a look of how this sunblock brand presents itself in a different light. Brazilian was always known for its sunny beaches. It’s also one of its main tourist attractions. NIVEA focuses on the fact of “using sunscreen lotion on a beach” to make a solar board advertisement: The message is that, while NIVEA will keep you safe under the sun, this solar board will keep your phone “alive” using the sun. The commercial points out how beachers can stay out there for long hours without worry about neither problem. In order to maintain this relaxing condition, both are essential, and both are equally promoted. The idea is not that far-fetched as it initially may seem. As sunblock can keep your skin moist, and the solar board keep batteries pumped, two products center around the same keyword, “recharge”. And, NIVEA never drifts too far from its association with the sun. How ‘bout that?

The NIVEA Solar Ad Charger  







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