“Elsword” Announces the Long-Awaited Opening of 3rd 3Line of Job-Change, Infusing Characters with Dark Powers!

Gamania’s online RPG “Elsword” opens its final stage of job-change, the 3rd 3Line, thereby allowing a third job-change for a total of 37 classes of heroes. The heroes are reinterpreted with Dark Powers, thereby successfully capturing the attention of Taiwanese players even before its launch. To celebrate the opening of the final stage of job-change, a series of events follows. From now on until maintenance on 22nd March, players that complete the 3rd 3Line and relevant quests will be rewarded the special 3rd 3Line Commemorative Accessory, as well as the different supporting Items such as potions, admission tickets for Hard mode Instances, Chests for random LV.8~LV.10 Equipment Enhancement Scrolls and more. The Event “Create New/The Return of Heroes” is once again launched at the same time. Players can earn free job-change tickets, and a wide range of Items through the Event. By such, experience the game’s exciting adventure to its fullest!

▲ “Elsword” opens its final stage of job-change, 3rd 3Line on 8th March. The heroes are reinterpreted with Dark Powers as the Dark Force approaches.

[3rd 3Line Character Modeling – Before and After]

▲ Elsword – Immortal

▲ Aisha – Metamorphy

▲ Rena – Twilight

▲ Raven – Nova Imperator

▲ Eve – Code: Sariel

▲ Chung – Centurion

▲ Ara – Shakti

▲ Elesis – Bloody Queen

▲ Add – Mad Paradox

▲ Lu/Ciel – Diangelion

▲ Rose – Minerva (3rd 3Line)

▲ Rose – Prime Operator (4th 4Line)

▲ Ain – Herrscher

Celebrating the opening of 3rd 3Line job-change for all classes, both new and old players can now receive an endless flow of equipments and gifts

To celebrate the opening of 3rd 3Line job-change, players that complete a 3rd 3Line job-change and the relevant 20 quests before maintenance on 22nd March, will be given Items and Gifts, including 3rd Job-change Costume (valid for 15 days), limited Special Equipment and Accessory, Potions, admission tickets for Hard mode Instances, Chests for random LV.8~LV.10 Equipment Enhancement Scrolls, El Resonance Point Initialization Scrolls, Stamina Potions, Blessed Time & Space Scrolls and more. At the same time, all newly created heroes that reach the stated levels can receive Supporting Gift Chests, which include several Blazing Growth Token (double experience), Potions and Accessory from the Shop. Heroes can even gain a permanent bodysuit when he or she reaches the maximum level for the chosen job. Returning players would automatically receive help from the “Return to the Adventure Helper”. All returned players, that have not logged in since 8th February this year, will receive a Welcome-Back Gift Chest, and earn Equipment Enhancement Scrolls and Potions upon the completion of leveling quests. Players will also be awarded Sage’s Scrolls, Costume, Pet and supporting Equipments at the different stages, thereby roam the magical world of “Elsword” with ease.

※ “Elsword”‘s Official Website: http://tw.beanfun.com/ELSWORD/
※ “Elsword”‘s Facebook Fan-Page: https://zh-cn.facebook.com/elswordfans

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