How do people look at Gamanians’ play and work?

Gamania is known for its unique play style and work philosophy. How do other people look at Gamanians’ “Work hard, play hard” lifestyle?   

▲Ping Huang Liao, CEO of Outward Bound Taiwan    

Speaking of how Gamania does the work, “High air descending—an educational training that challenges the extreme”  

Not many local enterprises would think of doing team building through educational trainings. From arranging training courses for Gamania, I found out that their content seems to be more creative and challenging than average enterprises, such as doing high air (16m) descending from the top of Parkview Hotel, Hualien city; jumping platform as high as 18 meters in a challenge camp. I could feel that Gamania is a company that values staff engagement and relations because this way, staff could face their work with the same courage and determination as they face the challenge.   

▲Steven Luo, Director of Branding, Cogitoimage    

Speaking of how Gamania does the work, “Countless proposals, never settle for less.”  

We’ve worked with Gamania on two spatial projects. I just now looked through the planning files for gama-island in September 2006, the design proposal alone were 6 sets, 85 pieces of perspective drawings and tons of construction blue prints; 3 sets of material boards, 3 sets of furniture samples but Gamania chose the 4th one etc. Gamanians are very detailed when it comes to understanding each design. To enrich the historical board, “Love to Play”, Gamanians dug out every product from boxes and cabinets of product achieve in the warehouse and registered each and one of them three months prior to our collaboration. They worked out every detail carefully just for the perfect display of the product. Small things like this made a lasting impression and it also reflects Gamania’s pursuit of perfection and meticulous attitude.   

▲Jack Chiu, Research Direction of TNS Research International Taiwan      

Speaking of how Gamania does the work, “No normal off time”  

Scheduling a meeting time with Gamania was the one thing that I can’t get used to. Everyone was so busy so they had to schedule a late time for meeting, I recalled the latest one was 6 o’clock. After the meeting when they returned to their office, it was over 9 o’clock and I think they must have continued to work after that. Some clients would deliberately avoid scheduling meetings on special holidays, but that’s not the case with Gamania, Christmas eve, Valentine’s, Year-end party you name it. I’ve had first-hand experience of being called into a meeting during those days. When you work in Gamania, there’s no specific ‘work time’ nor was there any vacation. You just seize every opportunity and moment you could use.   

▲Mikan, Agent of President Translation Service Group International (PTSGI)    

Spring Banquet Filled with Laughter    

For the past 6 years we’ve worked with Gamania, we could see from the various cases received that it is a company that focuses on details. Although our collaboration was mostly through procurement, we don’t have any barriers in between. Their units would make lists that include specific details and requirements which shows that they value and care about each case.   Gamania is also one of my few clients that value greatly on the relationship with suppliers as well as customers. Each year they would host spring banquet and invite all supplier companies to attend. A company’s success lies not only on the internal efforts but collaboration. I think this is why it’s not surprising that Gamania could shine and hit it big in Taiwan in such a short time.     

▲ENGINES Producer FUKUI TOMOAKI; Engines Chief Creative Officer ADACHI YASUSHI    

Speaking of how Gamania does the work, “Extraordinary Momentum, Assistance in Details”   

福井:Currently we’re working on a series of mini games of HERO: 108 with Gamania, including iPhone platform. During the collaboration process, Gamania will get involves in the design and monitor of game incidents, information management, translation etc, giving us much support and assistance. QA team would even ensure details of each movement and its relevant time during the test to enhance the quality of the game. Gamania took the initiative to compile massive amount of data and information regarding HERO: 108 and to translate them in such speedy manner so that ENGINES can focus on the creative aspect of the game. With the support from Gamania, we can then manage to improve the quality swiftly. Thanks to Gamania’s professional assistance.   

足立: Working with Gamania has always been very “exciting” and a little “miraculous.” (I know it may sound a little off, but I’m saying this with utmost respect). When I raise a proposal to Albert, he’d say some clear and easily understood comments like “this is interesting! Fantastic!” On the other hand, he’s endowed with a sharp intuition that every business management possesses. Albert’s exceptional momentum, passion and accurate sense in business contribute to what I just mentioned, a sense of “exciting” pleasure. As to the “miraculous” part, I think every Gamanian is unique and I enjoy this feeling very much. I’ll continue to fulfill each proposed task and urge myself to up an ante with the passion and momentum no less than Albert’s.   

▲Frog Yang, Freelancer and founder of Frog.Cafe    

Speaking of how Gamania play, “They play hard, but they love Taiwan.”

CEO of Gamania, Albert have climbed the mountains twice with many Gamanians in Taiwan. Originally I thought that Gamania is good at doing game business, but mountain climbing should be totally out of their element. Little did I know that these people who spend day and night cornering themselves in from of computers could be really good at this. The magnitude of the actual participants stunned me. I couldn’t believe every one of them made it to the top of Snow Mountain. After that event, I’d receive member newsletter from Gamania from time to time, the title of which often involves fun stuff like mountain climbing, biking around Taiwan etc. These “fun” entertainment events mostly involves going up mountains or down in the sea in Taiwan. For a Taiwan connoisseur like me, I couldn’t but give you a big thumb up!  

▲Tommy Chen, Spokesperson of Gamania Cheer Up Foundation

Speaking of how Gamania play, “No celebrity or stars required for year-end party.”  

After I’ve become the spokesperson of Gamania Cheer Up Foundation, I’ve had the opportunity to attend Gamania’s year-end party each year. What impresses me the most is that an event that has close to a thousand people requires absolutely no celebrity or stars to fire up the atmosphere. Each Gamanian is himself/herself a great entertainer. The shows and performances arranged for the annual year-end party live up to the standards of outdoor mega event. Gamanians are so unique in their styles and characters that the atmosphere in the event is always through the roof!   

▲Yaming Lee, CEO of Eagle Music Taiwan    

Speaking of how Gamania play, “Rejuvenate others.”  

Play it healthily, unhealthily, one thing is for sure: Gamania will drain out its last drop of energy before it quits playing. Stamina, energy, vigor and will power are all indispensable! Every time Gamania hosts an event, I see staff running and playing wholeheartedly, from CEO to regular staff everyone is basked in that joy. I’d think of myself, how great it is to be young again, having all that inexhaustible energy and creativity. Every time I participate in Gamania’s internal event, I feel like I’ve rejuvenated a little. Few years ago, I joined the bike around Taiwan program which is great for body and soul and a perfect way of self-training. I was well over 50 when I tried that biking route, thanks to my good friend, Albert and Gamania!  

▲Jerry Lin, Gamania’s Exclusive Event Emcee    

Speaking of how Gamania play, “Even emcee will be tossed into water.”  

My first contact with Gamania was when I hosted the Gama-Sports day in 2005. When I saw the colleagues lifted CEO, Albert and gave him an “Aruba ”. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I thought to myself, “this is how this game company play?” Then it was the Mid-Autumn Festival gala, I was as wet as I can be. Who would’ve thought they’re crazy enough to toss the emcee into the water? I figured that if a game company can play like this, they must have all the drive and motivation to explore the infinite possibilities of games!  

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