Look back to 2016 to find the Top 10 Gamania Chronology!

2016 is a year full of changes and innovation. What do you know about the Gamania Chronology and what happened to Gamania? Do you remember our Neihu Office as we moved into this new headquarters? Do you recognize the 2016 CSO World Cup or the officially launched Gama Pay? Whether you are a Gamanian or someone outside Gamania, you should have known about the Top 10 Gamania Chronology because we have all these events held in here! 

The Gamanian bids a farewell to the Zhonghe Office. 

From 1999-2016, the office on Zhongzheng Rd. in Zhonghe District was our on-site office where Gamania stayed for the longest term. Gamania sets up its business foundation right here with our partners to present itself as a whole-ecological network company. It has created more victories and results. Thus, these achievements have left plenty of memories for the Gamanian.

The Neihu new building has been established.

In June 2016, it officially moved into the new headquarters in Neihu. The opened office environment combines technology with humanity. It has installed a museum to create the humanity space, an upgraded staff café Gama Island and a professional gym for people to work out. It creates an ecological living circle that combines operations with life inside the headquarters.

Couture-Top Million Star was awarded with the Entertainment Channel Award at the Golden Bell Awards.

The awards were announced at the 51th Golden Bell Awards on Oct. 8th. It has been announced that CTS TV worked closely together with Coture to win the Entertainment Channel Award in the “Top Million Star” live show. The multi-screen device brings a whole-new experience to the audience while watching the shows on TV through innovation like the multiple interactions of the new media technology.

Next-Generation Payment Instrument─Gama Pay was officially founded.

Gama Pay has announced the establishment officially on Oct. 20th. It offers a more convenient way through its payment service, which combines food, clothing, lodgings, public transit service, education and entertainment. It has started a new page to live in a cashless society!

Chat on App in the event system. BeanGo! is now officially launched!

On Nov. 22nd, Gamania has announced publicly to release brand-new instant messaging software BeanGo! by selling 3 major communications needs of intuition, making friends and activities. It changes the way people think about using communications software through user experience by incorporating their spirits to make games. They create an image to live and have fun and the users can use the app anywhere they go!

Swapub has become the largest second-hand exchanging app in Asia.

Swapub app has reached its number of download to more than 500,000 in 2016, which has become the largest second-hand exchanging app in Asia.

Gamania was awarded with a Certification for the 2016 Sport Enterprise.

People who work in the Gamania love sports. Gamania has set up a routine to ask all employees to play sports regularly, and was awarded with a Certification for the 2016 Sport Enterprise by the Sports Administration, MOE. It has made it a reality to care for its employees based on Corporate Social Responsibility.

2016 CSO World Cup was mainly held by Gamanian.

Gamania held an annual event “2016 CSO World Championship” to run the classical shooting game called “CSO Counter Strike Online,” which attracted the most competitive candidates in the top 6 countries around the world to have a 2-day dog fight in Taipei.

Jollywiz was awarded with the Top 10 Excellent Enterprises at the Golden Torch Innovation Award.

“Golden Torch Award” was mainly held by Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association (OEMA). This year, Jollywiz has selected its representatives to come from more than 400 enterprises in every industry. It was awarded with the Top 10 Excellent Enterprises at the 13th Golden Torch Innovation Award.

WeBackers creates the best record in the game and publisher crowdfunding in 2016.

WeBackers has achieved something great in 2016. Its works including “The Legend of Asaku x Forever Collection” and “The Little Bag” were awarded as Top 1 in the game and publisher categories, respectively, for its amount of funding.

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