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Gamania Hall of Fame

Gamania Fiercest Award December Winner: 恋姫†夢想 ▲GJP-Chief of Operation, Hideki Nakajima 恋姫†夢想 was based on a PC game, 恋姫†無雙 launched by BeaseSon in 2007. The

A Classic Art Exhibition

Group CRO Alan Guo, “Secret stories hidden behind these classic arts, through the first visual interactive art technique in Taiwan, presented in front of our

2010 Year-end Party Theme: Agogo Night!

Men and women dressed in 70s retro outfits: head scarf, bell-bottomed pants, over-the-top makeup, dancing feverishly on the stage, the uproar through the roof. The

HongKong 2011 Spring Banquet

GHK’s annual spring banquet has come to an end. This year’s Spring Banquet got pump up through the roof, because not only did everyone enjoy

Lucent Heart Launched Closed Beta in the U.S

Gamania’s self-produced game, Lucent Heart began it’s second CCB in February 2011, releasing 1,200 accounts and launching “Prepare for Love Beta” campaign. Participants would receive

Gama Townhall Feature Report

Albert announced: GTW created record high monthly revenue, Gama-bear won the champion title, Gamania is building childcare center and establishing clothing line.   The first

UI, what does it have to do with me?

In the information era of high mobility, people demand not only convenience of information accessibility but also its availability, for example, you may download any

Present Your Core Ideas

I’ve been blogged about core ideas, the importance of core ideas and how to create them since I launched this blog last year.  Before I