Live Version of Angry Bird!

Remember some 14 years ago when cell phone was first introduced, Far Eastone Telecommunications came up with the slogan, “With Far Eastone, distance doesn’t exist.” 14 years have passed, we really do live a life without hassles caused by distance. Telecommunications, internet, cell phones, computers and household appliances integrated into one, leading our life into a path of technology.

On the notion of screen technology, smart phone changed our habits of viewing things, we went from looking at the screen to using it as keyboards. This groundbreaking technology enables us to rid of buttons and keyboards. Everything you need is within that screen. 

We see “Muggles” using such advanced product in commercial campaign, sliding the screen with their fingers. when a new product is launched to the market, consumer begin to be attracted to its new functions. However, when consumers become numb to those functions, the company will start using other ways to re-packing the product.

Saatchi & Saatchi London held a live version of Angry Bird campaign in the Barcelona on May 11th. Any passersby who possess the numbers from Deutsche Telekom may play live version of Angry Birds. When people slide their fingers through the screen, the birds will be launched to hit the piggies. It was a lot of fun! Through an integration of telecommunication and cell phone platform, an interactive live activity was born.        

Deutsche Telekom Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds is a well-known game so the game itself achieves the effect of pervasiveness just as some companies hire celebrities for endorsement. An effective 1+1 publicity effect. 

The combination of Angry Birds and Deutsche Telekom, what result did it seek? Creative Director of Saatchi Jason said, “Telekom believes that life is worth sharing. Sharing and transforming the entertainment on the screen into a real life wonder and then share with other. The consumers participate the reality, where angry birds actually face the sly pigs. The experience extends beyond just merely staring at the screen but a tactual one.”

Bringing entertainment of the virtual world into reality is a wonderful thing. People want to see, touch and feel the real thing, just as they like to take pictures with people who put on Cosplay costumes. When a new product goes into the second phase, marketing campaign will become more interesting and fun. The following are few videos about the official game, Angry Birds and relevant short films made by fans and fanatics. 

Angry Birds In-game Trailer
Angry Birds Peace Treaty
Playable Angry Birds birthday cake

About Author
Bruce participated in various domestic and international commercial production, film launch and theater marketing; worked in creative script team of Beijing Branch, Densu Group (Japan); worked as a director for Gamania. He currently served as section manager in product development department in GJP. 

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